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Canon Character Art
SecretsOfTheToaster (Qwuedeviv fanart) by TarBeast
{GIFT/FANART} I Have Fur (#savesporkkiboi) by Zorueevee111
Heeeeeere's Smiley by Zorueevee111
[QDV] Jackal Harbinger by Void-Shark
[QDV] Shattermind pg 8 by Void-Shark
mag the Qwuedeviv: balloons  are  creepy 0-0 by xenomega101
mag the Qwuedeviv : found a bunker ? (test thing) by xenomega101
mag and rift the Qwuedeviv: the UNIVERSE??!? by xenomega101
Kitten Crew ~ Blotch Art by Zorueevee111
Aiiiiiyo~! by Fallenwater124
Frosted Milktea Ref by Cherra-cee
FireSweet by DarkNekoHawke
Qwuedeviv - Pressure Gauge New Reference by RyoFox630
100 Theme Challenge #2: Love by Cherra-cee
Latte EDITED by Cherra-cee
Almost Waterproof by Everen1999
Days of Christmas: Day 4 Coca Cola(100 TC Movie) by Void-Shark
Will I get a present? - Qwuedeviv by Jest-a-Note
Lt. Squishyfins EDITED by Cherra-cee
Aero is back by RyoFox630
Lt. Squishyfins! by Cherra-cee
The many faces of Aero Pt1 by RyoFox630
NEW UNIFORM!!! (Derp's new design) by starlywing
Fan Character: Rocket Monsoon by Se05239
Mixed Divisions
Haaaaaah~ by Le-Okami
Frosted Milktea by Cherra-cee
Other Roles
Microsoftcat by furkooo85
Qwuedanjj Qwuedeviv
Other Species
Recruits BU16 by adrummaster
Qwuedeviv Merchandise by Void-Shark

Greetings and Welcome Words

Greetings Earthians, Slaves and possibly fellow (although much more inferior) Qwuedeviv!






They are not working and/or a mess and/or outdated in a lot of places haha. That said, I've had it in my to do list to update them for a looooong time. I don't have a definite timeframe on when that will happen but it is planned to be done. Just letting people know in case anyone was wondering if it was abandoned or not.
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MisterMushy Featured By Owner Edited Jun 6, 2017  Student General Artist
Judy - (Crying) Icon  miss this group so much sometimes! Urgh!
Void-Shark Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Writer
Bjornthesurvivor Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
say i have a little question about my drawing.
because he's a specialist in wich folder may i put him?
Void-Shark Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Professional Writer
It would go in the Army folder =) 
Bjornthesurvivor Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
alright, thank you for answering! ouo
coolbreeze88 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 24, 2016  Student Digital Artist
why do all the fan works in this group look like they've been made by 7-10 year olds you may ask fellow deviant? probably because void has to be all stingy when it comes to the actual creative freedom of the fanbase which chases off the more talented artists,  well its not like she can sue us but I don't want to get raged at by the creator for doing things my way and no one likes bad press that could snowball into a flamewar.

ex. interspecies pairings? noooo cant have that, cooties and junk!! rebel qwedeviv that go against there orders to live normal, civilian lives? NEIN, war is peace!! want a dark and gritty fan interpretation in which instead of the invasion being a dud, there's going to be an actual invasion with humanity having no way to prevent it. Nope says the nanny, we don't want to cut ourselves on the edginess.

also how long do we have to wait before we get an actual chapter 6... its been over a year... im not angry or anything but if theres one thing that causes any fandom to lose interest it's LONG HIATUSES with murky, ad-hoc planning (this is the main reason viviziepop is getting so much flak over zoophobia).

bottom line, you can lead a horse to water, but you cant tell it when and how to drink. fandoms aren't something you should control... its something that you should just let evolve on its own and any attempt to regulate or centralize a fandom always leads to disaster for both the creator and fans ("cough Glitchedpuppet cough cough").

and no, it wont devalue the original work, in fact it might provide much needed inspiration to help keep your work ahead of the curb.

honestly, the current group policy just shows your afraid of being outdone at your own game.. but you fail to realize that there's a lot to be learned from completing ideas. hell what's stopping you from recruiting a talented fan as a co-writer or advisor  if they end up impressing you.

word of advice, if you want this group to grow, live and let live and don't get upset if you feel someone Is misrepresenting your work. because its only the canon that counts in regards of any media franchise.
Void-Shark Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Professional Writer
oops, just realized I missed one of the things I had typed last time. Meant to add a few things. One that everything needs a major revamp. I've actually been debating whether to delete it or not/repurpose it and a few other odds and ends. Same for my profile. (Not the deleting part XD) But anyway there's supposed to be a big overhaul in this coming year. For DA and the other sites and what not. I'm super tired of commissions. Totally appreciative of everyone who has commissioned me, just to clarify, just not the direction I want to continue in. Last couple years has had a LOT of commission work.

I'm unfamiliar with Glitchedpuppet, I know of Viv, although I don't really know about whatever going on's with them you're referring to. =o 

  As for the book, I touched on this a bit in the other but I meant to type the rest. That should be up soon. Not an excuse as to why it isn't up presently, just, saying it should be up soon though. XD That was quite simply (outside of the other things mentioned) a bit of a 'no one's waiting for it anyway so it doesn't really matter when I get it up.' thing, cause I was moving my FA and everything so my usernames would match. 

I do agree on the notes of of people keeping one on their toes to a degree, but like most everything, I feel there's a balance. And just to clarify on one of the things I said up there because I'm not sure if I  made it sound weird or not. Fans are good =o fans are what helps support a thing to continue. I mean without fans, a thing is nothing. I appreciate everyone who enjoys the things I make. =o I love talking to everyone. I really hope I can get back into it this year. Would be awesome to be active again. 

This'll sound to be a terrible example, and for the record, I am not saying I dislike these things, or their fandoms, I'm only using it for an example because its one I see a lot. Sonic fandom. I see people who complain about the 'purists' and the ones who complain about the other ones. Not sure what they call them (the ones who are the opposite extreme.) Obviously no one answer will fully appease either side. 

  I've run into the same both ways for stuff. I feel there's a certain level one has to reach. Protecting ones stuff, but also not being a complete butt about things. People's opinion on where that line lies will vary. As a content creator, and a content consumer alike, the inclination to want to 'protect' ones work is pretty natural. I mean, when you love something, you kind of want to preserve it. >w<  

  But I understand the frustration from both sides. =o I personally have always leaned towards keeping things the way the creator of it intended for it to be, and if wanting something more diverse or different, making one's own thing. I'm not saying this is the right or wrong way for the rest of the world to think about things, it's just how I've personally always leaned. 


  I believe that's all that the former written note thing had on it. Anyway I'm sorry we're at a disagreement of direction on the subject or if my choices have offended you. 
Void-Shark Featured By Owner Edited Dec 25, 2016  Professional Writer

Sorry for the formatting, I lost it the first time by accidentally clicking something, so I had to rewrite on google docs.

 I think you’ve misunderstood the point of the group and perhaps the point of Qwuedeviv entirely. If it were a product intend to be marketed to an audience, then yeah, that would apply, but it was never meant to be a product marketed to an audience.

 Qwuedeviv is a collection of my OCs in a world I made up for them, as I tend to do with my varying OCs. It’s just a personal project, that I make comics about, write and what not, and naturally, enjoy the feedback of people who happen to like it. I can see how it would be misconstrued as being something intended for market, because it has merchandise to some extent, and books are published and what not. Those are things I’ve always wanted to do as life dreams, people wanted to see devivs in said things, so I went okay, and things happened.

 Anyway, as most people who have OCs, they are special to me, and something one tends to want to keep to themselves. However people approached me, wondering if they could make things too, so this group was basically the compromise of that. That said, its structured to keep the idea intact.

 It’s not that I’m afraid of peoples’ ideas, it’s that it isn’t what I designed it to be. And, as I said, it’s a personal project and what not, so it’s important to me. There’s also two sides to it, because some people want more freedom, others want it to be more structured. Not to sound rude, but the main point is, not all will agree upon one way, and that’s what I’ve chosen to do with my thing. If people want more artistic freedom, they can make their own thing.

 Ultimately, that can come down to sounding unappreciative of people’s interest in the matter, which, is not the case.

 That aside, on the note of chapter posting, a large part of that is because the computer it’s been stuck on was down for a long time due to peices going bad and having to be taken out and shipped back/wait for others to return and doctor appointments. I have an average of 9 a week and no lesser than 3, all of which require at least two hours of travel and up to 10 for the further away ones. My health took a royal drop in the last year, so I simply haven’t been able to physically manage it.

 That said, I reiterate the point of, I’m not trying to maintain an audience here. I do love to update for those who like it, it brings me joy to do so, but...sometimes life happens. I unfortunately had to spend the time I could work, doing commissions to pay the bills for medical things. I don’t really make anything from my deviv stuff, I just do it cause I want to.

 I do agree on the point of hiatuses making people lose interest. But again, my goal is just making a thing with my characters because I want to. It’s not a business.

 Also i don’t like co-writing, and why would I want an advisor over something that I wanna make? XD That takes all the fun out of it. I bounce ideas off of people and what not, and I listen to stuff being tossed at me, but ultimately, I’ve not at a lack of ideas here, if anything, it’s a lack of time to do the thing I wanna do.

 On the note of updates, to kind of roll back a bit here, they probably will be more frequent in the coming year because I’m setting commissions aside. The big unknown however, is health.

 As for the comment in regards to how the people within the group draw, first off, it’s not a fair thing to say as there is lots of good art in here, as well as over on the QDV Casual group, in recent times I can say it does seem younger people have been submitting stuff, I think that’s for several reasons. First off, it’s the nature of the beast. I’ve seen the trends. Generally, not always, but generally, most creative people start out interested in a fandom and eventually branch out on making a thing all their own. So it’s often more common to find a younger crowd as fans, I realize there are plenty of exceptions, but it is the general trend. Two, I’m sure the rules play a part, but I covered all that above. Third, I am not around like I used to be. I’m sure that diminishes general appeal. Fourth, actually I forgot the fourth thing but I doubt it was all that important anyway.

Long story short, I’m just a person writing about their OCs, and stuff happens. =p

I can’t entirely tell if your message is meant to help or just grump at, if it’s meant to help, then I appreciate you having taken the time to share your concerns, if it was just meant to grump, then uh, I dunno. It is what it is I guess and you can’t make everyone happy.
This does have some good points, but I feel like you should revise it to seem like it's not passive aggressive, otherwise some people (Like Void) might not take it seriously. :V

"why do all the fan works in this group look like they've been made by 7-10 year olds you may ask fellow deviant?"

Because the only reason she allows that is so she can mock those same 7-10 year olds for their artistic skills in her private chatrooms with her friends. If she allowed good artists, she couldn't make fun of their art, you see.
Void-Shark Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Professional Writer
Also as to this, while it's already been somewhat gone over I think, it's rude for starters, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so I'm not deleting it. That said, first off, the group chat you speak of, is public, and secondarily, this group allows all skill levels, as does the chat, so whichever you're referring to as 'not allowing good artists' is incorrect. 

  Actually one doesn't have to draw to be in them either. it's just a general group for whoever wants to be a part of it.
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